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Saturday, February 12, 2011

FACEBOOK UPGRADE - some results

Hello All,

So i am trying a test (several of them actually)  
i hope it helps you a bit while going through the "madness" of FB and their ever changing .....well changes :)


1.  I posted one status as ARTIBILITY on ARTIBILITY page and the other as Anna and i wanted to see who sees what post and all.
Fan comment:
"Guess what, when I am signed in under paintingbyeileen I no longer see it, why is that? And I get notifications on my page, when I am signed in that way but not as Eileen, oh my Lord, how confusing is this? Maybe that is why no one is seeing me, this is not good!"

2.  I tried to post or comments on others pages that i AM A FAN of as ARTIBILITY and i could not - some i had to relike and some just didn't let me - said i didn't have permissions
Fan comment:
"Interesting...when I come to your page under my personal page I'm able to comment. I can't comment on this page under my fan page unless I "like" this page first. "Liking" a page while as a fan page adds that page to your page's "likes" and apparently we can only add 500 pages to our fan page "likes". No wonder my head is spinning!" 

KM from says:
"Here is the big things I have found out so far this morning. IF you are on as your FAN PAGE identity then you can fan up to 500 people, however, fan pages can NOT write on anyone else wall unless they are already a fan. YOUR favorite PAGES from your fan pages have now been AUTOMATICALLY LIKED and you are now FAN'S of them through your FAN PAGE - this will take away from the 500 listed above. That all being said I know there are MANY more things, issues and FUN to keep us going for about 2 years, but my best suggestion is that until all the kinks and changes are worked out DO NOT FAN anyone other than those you really need to. ...COMMENT on peoples pages - personal or fan pages - with your PERSONAL identity and try not to get so mad you through the computer out the window! I hope I helped. 
P>S> there are a couple of changes you need to make on all your FAN Page - you need to do these under BOTH your personalities!! THIS IS ALL VIA YOUR FAN PAGE 1. go to edit page make sure the ONLY ADMINS'... box is UN CHECKED. 2. make sure there are NO countries listed as COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS These are very important, and again, you need to do them under BOTH your personal and Fan page identity ON your FAN PAGE!! ~KM"
3.  I could not see peeps that were my favs in my feed as ARTIBILITY - what i do see is that when you are a page you have to CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS (where MOST RECENT IS) there is a edit options area - you choose whether you want to ONLY see pages/PPL you interact with the most - just favs or EVERYONE :) Even though you did it before - you might have to redo it
Fan comment:
"Ok, only the pages you had marked as favorites by your fan page will show in your feeds when you are in as you fan page. Does that make sense? So I can see you as both, but it's only because your page was a favorite of The Pine Cone Tea Cup."

4. Edit/review you PAGE settings - on mine it changed to something i didn't change it to (category) - my biz was listed as business/plumbing HAHAHAHA
Fan comment:
"mine was airport! LOL"  

5.  Although you shortened your PAGE some of your page names are no longer short - you can do this by going to

6. I just noticed too that if you fanned a page and hit like or commented you will get a notification when someone comments on that page or person under your PERSONAL.  if you do the same under PAGE - then you get separate notifications - don't forget to refresh when you switch or you'll get errors :)

7. Some apps like ARTFIRE & ETSY didn't work - on mine I redid the apps as ARTIBILITY - maybe that helps? Some just don't load at all some take long time (and i work on a very fast Mac) so if your landing page is your store CHANGE IT ASAP (suggestion of course)

8.   I commented on something, and it's showed my comment on my Wall. Who can see this story? Info from FACEBOOK PAGES/HELP - The only people that can see the story about your comment are those who can see the content you commented on. For example, if you commented on a photo that only you and your friend can see, only you and your friend would be able to see the story on your Wall.

9.  AWESOME - using page as ARTIBILITY when i hit share on my items i share with my fans instead of personal page - Kudos for the @facebook

10.  when ppl post to your wall - switch to ADMIN VIEW to see it - wonder how tagging will work now - also as ADMIN you see your hidden posts - this is in place of the SPAM - check often most ppl's posts ended up there
Thanks to all that commented and did my test and gave their suggestions, opinions and shared info.  FACEBOOK has a page for this - but as the kinks are straightened out we all need to share what our pages are doing - many of us have own FAN PAGES but we are also each other's customers and fans.
Lets hold hands (no not sing kumbaya LOL) but to help one another be successful.
Thank you & enjoy the ride,
Disclaimer:  comments - post & suggestions are merele just that and do not reflect the comment - opinion & suggestion of Facebook or any other individual-page or company unless specified


  1. I'm thinking that maybe this new change of 500
    fans is to counteract the + effect of Link love
    which took on a life of it's own and out ran the FB strategy of being the overseer; but we"ll only come up with something else (cause & effect) lol
    coz it's all just business : ))

  2. Thanks for the tips-I'm not altogether happy with all the changes...

  3. That is very interesting "ANONYMOUS"
    Carolyn - yea i am still debating but no choice March 1st

  4. Thanks for the tips Anna, very helpful! I would just like to know where 15 fans went in 2 days, losing 2 or 3 maybe, but 15???

  5. Eileen,

    What i can tell you is that ppl started to fan with their fan pages but not to lose their maximum of pages to fan - some UNFANNED with their personal profiles.

    If a page FANS a Page your numbers stay the same even if 100000 pages fan you your # will be the same.
    Spread the word - i hope ppl don't start doing this since really the #'s that count and the comments that count and get posted into search engines are from ppl rather than pages
    hope that helps