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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not a good Day

Today is just not a good day ------ i am exhausted from being sick - as soon as i recover form a cold or flu i get it again.  Lupus really really sucks-always does but more so now.

Last month i was weak and clumsy again but it subsided.
It is so hard to make plans and be creative when you have trouble combing your hair because it hurts or you ca not grip a hair brush....let alone hammer and drill......and we all know i have accidents when i am well :)

I will be posting some great new ideas - plus the fundraisers I want to be part of or that are dear to my heart - new blog page inspired by "Julie & Julie" the movie - as well as a huge clearance on my already made jewelry........
I need to start fresh - clean and with a new look on the future.......
Well as soon as i can get my sickness somewhat under control.

Enjoy your week and (((Achooo))) stay healthy

1 comment:

  1. Hope you start to feel better soon, and able to get back to work :)