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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Craft Fair for TOYS for TOTS - Cancelled

Dear Vendors/Friends/Sponsors,

Due to multiple unforeseen circumstances our Craft Fair to benefit Toys for Tots will have to be cancelled.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

We had several vendors reserve spaces but then said they were unable to pay for the space.  Unfortunately one sponsor had over promised and therefore we were not able to get the space we needed for this event.   This was a strictly NFP event and can not be possible without the support of sponsors and vendors.   I thank you dearly for your help and willingness to participate.

We will do this event next year - but will start very early.  There will be corporate sponsors (already lining up) and we might already have a willing sponsor for the space.

Any payments made by PayPal you can cancel - or we will hit the refund button to initiate the refund.  Checks that were not deposited will be returned asap.  Any that were deposited will be refunded via refund check.

If you would like to have your check or PayPal payment stay as a donation for Toys for Tots please let me know no later than 3pm Tuesday Nov. 29th, 2011 otherwise I will refund/mail at that time.
I am one of the Coordinators for Toys for Tots via Marine Corps League #1009

Also I have multiple items that will be auctioned/sold off that were donations from other artists / crafters and businesses throughout the year.  Look for the page soon.  you can find great gifts and support a great cause.  It will be a Virtual Craft Fair.  All proceeds will go to Toys for Tots.

Once again our sincerest apologies and THANK YOU for your help.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft Fair for TOYS for TOTS

1st Annual Craft Fair for Toys for Tots.
When: Saturday, December 3, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm  
Where: The Crystal Lake Commons on Northwest Hwy, Crystal Lake, IL

Crafters (handmade), Craft suppliers, vintage sellers, not-for-profits/charities will be on hand to make your holiday shopping a wonderful experience.  Also people that are looking to have a table to provide services are welcome.  (Ex: Face painting, make-a-craft, feather locks, artists, etc).  Shop for one of a kind items or crafty things for the home while supporting the Toys for Tots program.

All of the booth & sponsor fees as well as toys & money collected at the door goes to T4T. (Vendors sales go to vendors)

Approximately 10,000 sq ft space near Josephs Market and Hobby Lobby will be used for this event.  There will be raffles - donated items for sale and giveaways as well as professional football players on-hand to draw a crowd.  It will be an unBearable experience to say the least.  And don't forget there will be Toys for Tots / Marines in uniform. { I know Ladies calm down }

is November 12 
(EXTENDED but EMAIL ASAP-Reserve Spot)

VISIT the event Facebook Page at 
For more information and an application, contact

Event is provided by Anna at ARTIBILITY, Kerrie at DONI DIVINI 
Sponsored by Sideline Marketing

DONATIONS can be mailed to
Anna Sourile
c/o T4T Fair
PO BOX 7213
Algonquin, IL 60102-7213

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Veterans & Family Service Center Now Open in McHenry

The Veterans & Family Service Center of McHenry County is Now Open !!!
The drop in center (currently called Firehouse Alpha) is located 5330 W. Elm Street in McHenry, Illinois and is opened 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. 

All active duty Military, Veterans AND their families before, during and after deployment are welcome. No matter which conflict they served in, or which branch of service the drop in center is a community resource to connect with those who have shared experiences. Military families can share their unique stories with other families, with a counselor on staff or with the 4 peer-to-peer specialists. 

The services offered include - but are not limited to:

1.  Facing emotional challenges of all phases of deployment or with the transition to civilian life
2.  Children having issues with siblings or parents.
3.  Having a place to share stories with other military families
4.  Assistance with the financial pressures associated with deployment or the current economy.
5.  Supporting other military/veteran families just by having a cup of coffee with them.
6. Read a book, rent a movie, research local jobs.
7. Connect with other that share similar experiences and challenges and to local services available.
8. Peer-to-Peer, Family, Group and Individual counseling.
* All services are CONFIDENTIAL

The Veterans & Family Service drop in center (VFS) for veterans and their families is one of the services offered under a federal grant awarded to Lake and McHenry Counties to transform the way local services are delivered to veterans. The terms of this grant are that the veterans and their families guide the development of the services.  It is not associated or funded by the VA but by a federal grant from SAMHSA in partnership with Pioneer Center, TLS and Family Services specifically for McHenry County and Lake County veterans and their families.

In addition to monthly educational programs designed for military families, peer-to-peer mentoring and professional counseling are also available.  There will also be a monthly mobile food pantry, support groups and events.

The center is located at 5330 W. Elm Street in McHenry, Illinois
Opened 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.
(815) 322-2621 or (815) 322-2620

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

INTRUDER? You tell me

Had the weirdest thing happen last night.

I was laying in bed having a hard time falling asleep.
Finally I drifted off for a bit while i was covered with the blankie from head to toe.  Suddenly i slightly awake and hear someone walking into the room - i can feel someone standing there.  Then I feel like someone is gently rubbing my arms and then legs.  I feel the slight gentle pressure of someone rubbing my arm then toward my head.  I hear the noise of the blankie since it was over my head. 

Then SUDDENLY.....
I hear someone DOWNSTAIRS closing the door.
This entire time i thought it was my husband looking for the edge of the bed or just comforting me since i was tossing and turning all night or he was looking to get frisky LOL.

Realizing it was not him my hearts started to pound. 
I didn't want to open my eyes. What if someone is over my bed thinking I am sleeping.  Then i thought "did someone break in?"
Then i hear my dog downstairs coming in from the outside - then i knew it could only be my husband or the dog would go CRAZY.

Suddenly - i thought ....... THEN WHO TOUCHED ME!!!
Finally i opened my eyes - no one was there.  I just called for my hubby making sure he was really there and not playing a trick on my (which would make him a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE little man if he did)

I asked him to make sure it wasn't him - but it was too quick (i know the story seems longer but it was only about 2-3 minutes)
Then through the night - i kept feeling tugging at the blanket - which i had dismissed since our little dog moves a lot.
Today hubby said the dog was on the other side of the bed.

At times i feel like something is near or in the room or whispers softly or as if someone is gently moving my hair off my face.  Creeps me out at times yet seems comforting other time - that whatever is happening (and i hope i am not just going nuts LOL) is peaceful and maybe just making sure I am ok.

Have you ever experienced this?

Maybe Ghost Hunter's can stop in and do an EVP session

Our 6 year old loves Ghosts and his Ghostly friends as he calls them but I prefer my friend's to be alive