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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

INTRUDER? You tell me

Had the weirdest thing happen last night.

I was laying in bed having a hard time falling asleep.
Finally I drifted off for a bit while i was covered with the blankie from head to toe.  Suddenly i slightly awake and hear someone walking into the room - i can feel someone standing there.  Then I feel like someone is gently rubbing my arms and then legs.  I feel the slight gentle pressure of someone rubbing my arm then toward my head.  I hear the noise of the blankie since it was over my head. 

Then SUDDENLY.....
I hear someone DOWNSTAIRS closing the door.
This entire time i thought it was my husband looking for the edge of the bed or just comforting me since i was tossing and turning all night or he was looking to get frisky LOL.

Realizing it was not him my hearts started to pound. 
I didn't want to open my eyes. What if someone is over my bed thinking I am sleeping.  Then i thought "did someone break in?"
Then i hear my dog downstairs coming in from the outside - then i knew it could only be my husband or the dog would go CRAZY.

Suddenly - i thought ....... THEN WHO TOUCHED ME!!!
Finally i opened my eyes - no one was there.  I just called for my hubby making sure he was really there and not playing a trick on my (which would make him a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE little man if he did)

I asked him to make sure it wasn't him - but it was too quick (i know the story seems longer but it was only about 2-3 minutes)
Then through the night - i kept feeling tugging at the blanket - which i had dismissed since our little dog moves a lot.
Today hubby said the dog was on the other side of the bed.

At times i feel like something is near or in the room or whispers softly or as if someone is gently moving my hair off my face.  Creeps me out at times yet seems comforting other time - that whatever is happening (and i hope i am not just going nuts LOL) is peaceful and maybe just making sure I am ok.

Have you ever experienced this?

Maybe Ghost Hunter's can stop in and do an EVP session

Our 6 year old loves Ghosts and his Ghostly friends as he calls them but I prefer my friend's to be alive

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