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Hi everyone,

As some of you may or may not know - a healthy diet is extremely important (along with exercise) especially when you are dealing with a chronic illness.  But it is also important to everyone so that health problems never start.  I am trying to join in the food revolution and I started with my family.  They make good guinea pigs LOL.  We have always eaten pretty healthy and are conscious of what we eat but trying to kick it up a notch takes some planning.

I will be posting a week's worth of recipes and the cost per day for a family of 4 (1 Mom 1 Dad 1 teen and 1 preschooler) for all meals and snacks is.....drum roll please $5.00 or less on a special occasion it is $10.00 or less.  Plus if you coupon or buy in bulk the savings are greater.  I actually fed my family all week for $20.00 WOW - I know right!!

Below are some ideas and thoughts form my FACEBOOK comments

FOOD REVOLUTION:  Have U signed Jamie Oliver's petition yet? When i saw Food Revolution & what kids eat at school-I actually felt sick.  No wonder kids have ☛diabetes☚ at the age of 10. Plus there are parents that say "I don't have the time to cook or feel it is cheaper just to get fast food-sorry that is WRONG. These are YOUR kids-MAKE TIME. I can prove it-make inexpensive healthy meals quickly. (sorry it hits a nerve)  The 1st show --- i cried and i was in awe how passionate Jamie was and how kids really don't want to eat that stuff although they do want to eat it. Kids need choices but choices that are healthy and good for them and not for the schools pocket book. this is really so simple it really doesn't need to be complicated. (Some) of our parents dranked and smoked but we didn't have 1/2 the processed foods we have today and food wise kids were healthier - they played outside most of the day not eating chips and drinking pop (soda for some LOL) and playing video games all day.   Ughhh makes me angry <>
sorry i get carried away

IDEAS & HELP:   Ok I have to say this is one of my all time FAV sites and it is from Kraft Foods - i save my fav recipes and i get a printable shopping list for the there is a nutrition log so it will count calories/fat/yada yada for you per meal or for the day or week. There are budget ideas and quick recipe search (just type your 3 ingredients) ...I LOVE IT and had to share!  E N J O Y! (and no i am not a paid spokesperson for Kraft LOL)

Thank you and I hope everyone can take something away from this.


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