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Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you know me?? GIVEAWAY

So it is time for a new GIVEAWAY
HOORAY - We've reached 2200 fans on Twitter 650 ♥ on Etsy and we're almost at 1400 "Likers" on Facebook (if you like as a page it counts as -0-)

Each person that enters will have a chance to win my camera necklace, a hand stamped Tree of Life necklace, and an ImageBlok from Magnetic BlokHaus 
Once a winner is chosen for one item then everyone gets another chance for the next item :)
There are several chances for you to enter and some people have already earned 1 entry via last week's game  called "What is this Creation?"

Here are the rules:  1 items from each category = ONE entry 
Example: Category #1 item #3 and Category #2 and #2 = 1 entry
You can choose any combination and as many times per day.

(post reply on Facebook or  Twitter or Blog).
  1. Become a fan on Facebook or  Twitter and repost/retweet this blog post. (Don't forget to TAG me or POST link below or I won't know you did it)
  2. Visit my Etsy Store and post what is you favorite item.
  3. Visit my ArtFire Store and post what is you favorite item.
#2 DO YOU KNOW ME?? (post replies on Facebook or  Twitter or Blog).
  1. Tell me what Branch of the U.S. Armed Forces I served in.
  2. Name at least 1 Organization I support and donate to.
  3. What is my 1st name?
  4. What other language (s) do I speak??
  5. What was the answer to "What is this creation"
Most of the answers you will find on my bio on social sites or by just "listening in" 
Many of you are fans already so that is easy just add from category #2 and you have an entry, :)

Good Luck----oh and it will run until I reach 1400 "Likers" on Facebook (if you like as a page it counts as -0-) then a winner will be chosen by
So hurry spread the word and hope you answer faster then most. (Entries will not be accepted after 12:00afternoon or 12:00midnight the day we reach 1400 (central US time) -this is to help the delay with international posts and new fans)

and Thank You!!!



  1. United States MARINE you are.....woop woop....

  2. Anna is your first name....sometimes I call u other things...(ding bat, dong head...) well you know..gotta keep it fresh...

  3. The wax seal necklace is pretty darn cool...its differnt....

  4. I am a fan of yours on Facebook

  5. I also hear you SHOUT on Twitter....

  6. I am going to shout out on Twitter about your giveaway and Facebook....

  7. Here is my favorite from your etsy shop -

    And this has long been a favorite in your Artfire Shop -

    I am a fan on facebook, a follower on twitter and I also follow your blog.

    I have posted on my fan page about your giveaway.

    You were in the Marines (for me, Navy) and you support your Marines!

    Your fist name is ANNA!!!!

    How did I do?? ~KM

  8. Just started following ye olde blog-- so, let's see. Marines?

  9. Tolduso & Krafty Max - you gals are HILARIOUS!!!! Thanks for the entries :)GOOD LUCK

  10. and this is my favorite item from your Etsy.

  11. and your name is Anna;)
    already a fan and twit;)
    I'll also share on both;)

  12. Ok, well, I don't know if I'm to late or not, but here goes...I'm your fan on fb, twitter and I have followed your blog forever... ;)I'm with Lisa, and LOVE the wax seal monogram!! You're a Marine, and I PROMISE I'll NEVER call you soldier again :) You support a TON of organizations, especially your toys for tots!! I believe you speak polish, and your of course Anna!!

  13. Hi... I shared your fb announcement.. and I know your first name is Anna...
    Already a fan on fb.. and you were in the Marines..oh and I follow your blog too and my fav item in your Etsy shop is still the tree of Life am I entered now?

  14. I have you followed on FB, Twitter, your blog and have your Etsy and Artfire shops faved! I know your name is Anna, knew you were in the Marines and had the pleasure of been a part of the Toys for Tots.
    I love your hand stamped tree of life
    This is my fave from your Artfire;
    Of course I love your mom handstamped pendants aswell!