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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As most of you know I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and an active member of several organizations that we do a lot of volunteer work. I am very actively involved in our Marine Corps League which some of you may know for the work that they do during Toys 4 Tots, military/veterans/family assistance, care packages & so much more. You can visit the links below for more info.

I am collecting donations of items from fellow jewelry artists - designers - crafters - clothiers - painters - sculptors & more. Items will be sold at several fairs as well as online with all of the proceeds going to the fundraiser. Monetary donations are always welcome and can be sent directly to the address that i provide to you below. Any items that you would like to donate please contact me at - or i will post my PO Box addy a bit later.

Any item that you like to create or think someone would appreciate - no theme is necessary.....any value is greatly appreciated - even supplies that I can make something with is welcome. Or if you want to send a Toy for T4T that is also wonderful.  The next sale of donated items i will have on Nov. 21st during a jewelry show I am attending and I will also have a sponsored Toys 4 Tots drive.

Here is the info on the organization the funds from the sales will go to. or you can donate online to our Toys for Tots program or T4T DONATION
Any and all items donated should have your business card and info of shop/store/artists attached so that everyone can see who was the kind soul that donated them and so ppl can order more items from you.
If you have your own packaging, logos etc please use it & send them - I just want to make sure visually it looks like a gift and i won't need to buy additional items.
and THANK YOU from the bottom, top & middle of my heart :)