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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Donations are coming in - still looking for more items

Hello Everyone,

It is still almost 2 months before my fundraiser & Toys for Tots dive at the HJFAS (show) but I have a big goal-very BIG.  I want this to be the largest collection of donated items, toys and funds by an individual ever! Ok at least in our Marine Corps League LOL.  Yea I am a bit of an overachiever. :) 

I have big plans for the items that will get donated too.  I have received many beautiful and creative things and will post pics and links as well.  There is a surprise though.  I will take some awesome pics of your items - as best as I can - original and maybe edited and I will send them to you to use in your Etsy shop, ArtFire shop or Website or just for fun.  All I will do is write my name on the bottom so that I copyright the images for your use.  What do you think of that?

I am hoping more people will be willing to donate items if they get something in return and then there are the ones that just want to because well.....they want to.  Either way I just wanted to do something for you all!

I will be a vendor at this show and so the Show producer donated an extra table just for your goodies.  I really need to just get a P.O. box opened to make it easier as well.   If you are interested in donating a craft or item you made just let me know.

So far we have items coming from all over the US & the world.  Some from TX, VA, CA, NJ, NY, Chicago, MI, MT, FL (4 diff. items), as well as Canada & Estonia.
I just can't believe it.


    PO BOX 7213
    Algonquin, IL 6010-7213

  2. Wonderful thing you're doing here...I'll send something along with your flowers! I wish you a very successful show!!!

    -Dragonfly Expression ;o)

  3. Dragonfly - i mean Chantal :)
    Thanks - you are a doll - don't forget put biz cards so i can pass them out on table :)