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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enjoy the madness: Facebook Changes (AGAIN)

What a long work week - is it friday yet??
Oh wait that won't really matter for us.

Have you noticed the most recent FB changes?
(some have been seeing this already and others have not - so bear with me)

1. Old groups will be archived (deleted) or you must upgrade them. Admin privileges and editing the page will change greatly.

2. Email messages: will look different as well - plus you might get bombarded with new messages you've never seen or have but deleted previously.  And ...... all msgs from the same person get retrieved for reference - awesome!

3. You can claim a facebook email now!!!!
4. You can turn on text messages even while you email (for techy folks) plus chat - which most knew about but didn't use.

5.  You can perform actions on messages - play with it kinda fun.  Good way to mark spammers or ban people from sending messages - just use it wisely or you can get a page shut down.
6. Pages: you no longer have to "switch" to view your page status updates.
Tis all i know or have seen for now

ENJOY the madness!

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